IRON160 Plates

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Optimized plates in fixed layouts for the IRON160 keyboard.


If you are not sure which plate layout to choose select Tsangan (7U) since it is compatible with all layouts and PCBs.

  • Tsangan (7U) - This plate is compatible with both solderable and hotswap PCBs as well as ALL layouts of IRON160 (WK, WKL, and HHKB).
  • ANSI (6.25U) - Choose this plate layout if you plan to use a solderable PCB and have a Winkey (WK) layout IRON160 and want to use a 6.25u spacebar.


ANSI layout plates are NOT compatible with WKL or HHKB tops

  • IRON160 optimized plate
  • Fixed bottom row available in either ANSI (6.25u) and Tsangan (7U) layouts 
  • All plate layouts support split backspace
  • All plate layouts support stepped caps lock
  • ANSI layout plate ONLY compatible with solderable PCB
  • ANSI layout plate ONLY compatible with Winkey (WK) layout tops



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