Gazzew x Smith + Rune U4Tx Limited Edition Plum

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We're truly excited to release our first non-keyboard collaboration, a wonderful, new switch by Gazzew, the U4Tx. This switch is made from Gazzew's brand new proprietary plastic and is offered as a limited edition in our Plum colorway with a custom Korean-made spring.

This switch features a very pronounced tactile feel unlike anything else on the market and is a pleasure to type on with or without lube.

Each pack contains 36 switches.

Type: Tactile
Material: New Gazzew proprietary plastic top and bottom
Colorway: Smith + Rune Plum
Stem: Black dust proof
Spring: Custom precision Korean 63.5g 
Rail: Silent
Mount Type: 5-leg/PCB
Lube: Factory lubed leaf, dry rails/rail slots
Actuation: approximately 2.5mm
Full Travel: approximately 3.6mm



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